An independent write gives his look at the 1st round of the inaugural Mid-West Old Tyme Hockey League Draft.

01. WAYNE GRETZKY- Saskatoon Cyclones

Just the single greatest offensive hockey player god ever created. Gretzky only scored 894 goals throw in a couple THOUSAND assists and the fact for at least 14 season the Cyclones can count on 120+ points from the #1 center. Yes, I know a few of those seasons he had 200 points but I’m trying to ignore those numbers. No matter how you slice it the Cyclones will be a force to reckon with for a lone time.
Editors note: Just saying a REAL man would have shown a big set and passed….no judgement here : )


02. RAY BOURQUE– Charlestown Chiefs

Now your talking my language! The guy averages about 20 goals a season, 80+ pointes per, hits and plays solid defense. Ray donned the Chiefs copyrighted glasses when introduced and promised to lay out the 1st rd pick on the first trip to Saskatoon. Like Gretzky, Bourque will be a stalwart of the Chiefs defense for ohhhhh say 21 years (we don’t count the Colorado years). Solid pick at #2


03. MIKE BOSSY – Chicago Underground

Solid RW though in this writer’s opinion a bit on the fru fru side (there was a rumor he was asked to wear a tootoo once). But how can you argue with five 60 goal seasons and three 50 goal seasons. He also posted three years where he was +60 while on the ice. Doesn’t play as many seasons as the 1st two picks but oh what seasons he played.


04. MARCEL DIONNE – Philadelphia Flyers

Editors note: What kind of guy drafts Dionne over Messier…Ill tell you…a guy who pees sitting down that’s who! Four years of 50 goals and 5 years of a hundred plus points for Dionne. Solid point getter who in 1980 was a +82. But as I mentioned earlier doesn’t play long enough for this early of a pick.

Grade: D

05. BERNIE FERDERKO – Saint Croix Falls Lumberjacks

I take comfort in the fact that someone else missed Mess. Bernie had a solid career 369 goals and 761 assists. He played on some poor teams so his +/- is low. But a guy you can plug in for years to come to produce for your team.
Editor Note: could we add another name to this team geesh it’s like a name of a child actor these days David Roger Theodore Bundy….

Grade: C+

06. BRIAN PROPP – Syracuse Bulldogs

THE GUFFAW has made its way to the thriving metropolis known as Syracuse. Bringing with him four forty goal seasons and two 100-point seasons. Propper always played both ends of the ice and had solid +/- numbers. Like Bossy he stayed away from anything physical and you will read in editors notes maybe why. Might have been other big scorers available but this was a good pick

Editor Note: True story slept with Brian Propps gf and we even had fun leaving messages on his answering machine (yes it was that long ago) It was confided in me that Mr. Propp ummm like to be the girl sometimes! True story…guffaw THAT

Grade: B-

07. MARK MESSIER – Silk City Whales

Great pick at #7 who knew he would fall this far. Messier only scored 694 added 1,193 assists during a 25-year career. All that and the guy was a great leader, hit, fought…dear lord I’m getting a chubby. Messier was a great leader I know that wont show on our stats but everything else will!

Grade: A+

08. MIKE GARTNER – Brooklyn Harbor Rats

Just a solid tough sniper. Gartner had one 50 goal season and six 40 goal seasons and just when you thought his career was over he had two 30 goal seasons. In all Gartner played 22 seasons and most were solid seasons and should be a solid contributor for the Rats for years to come!

Grade: B+

09. GILLES MELOCHE – Mackinac Island Moose

Finally, a goalie and Gilles Meloche is a good one and believe me the guy is happy he is out of Cleveland! Gilles boasted a career 3.65 Goals Against Average and also played in an average of 46 games per season. During an era of high scoring games (ahhhh lets think back …goals bench clearing goals I was single…. good times, good times) Gilles kept his team in the game night after night.

Grade : C

10. MARK HOWE – Vermont Foresters

Daddy must be so proud of his son (makes up for his ugly step sister Marty). The guy was just a great offensive defenseman. Howe had seven seasons of 18 goals or more and in 85 was an incredible +85. They guy is a great passer and if you don’t have your head on a swivel his outlet pass will burn you every time. He is a solid piece for any defense and the Foresters got themselves a good one.

Grade: A-

11. RICK MIDDLETON – Biloxi Blades

I gotta say when I started to write this I was not impressed by Middleton and figured he was a fav of the Blades. In looking at his stats he warrants a 1st rd pick, five 40+ goal seasons in 14 solid seasons says Mr. Middleton deserves to be here. Maybe it was growing up a Flyer that I just hated him! Good pick
Editors Note: Still Hate him

Grade: B

12. GUY LAFLEUR – Pittsburgh Spirit

The spirit was not with Pittsburgh with this pick. LaFleurs better years were behind him after a great 79 season he only hits 30 goals once the rest of the way. He still has 5-6 good years and will contribute on a 2nd line. There was a rumor that the Spirit felt bad about my pick and tried to help so to you Spirits I say PHILLY PHILLY (yeaaaaaa we won the Super Bowl get used to that!)

Grade: D

13. GILBERT PERREAULT – San Diego Mariners

Another player like Dionne who is the middle of his career. Gilbert goes on to have five 30 goal seasons. Perreault is one of the best passers in the draft combined with his speed stretched defenses. Picking at #13 this is a solid pick for the Mariners who are rocking the Orange and Blue!


14. MICHEL GOULET – Quebec City Le Blue

Man, what a perfect place for this guy to land! And what a great pick. Michel should have gone higher, often overlooked Goulet had seven seasons of 40 plus goals with a career high in 1987. He wasn’t just a sniper he could move the puck and every now and again get physical. Great pick at 14!
Editors Note : We need the NHL in Quebec!

Grade: A

15. BRYAN TROTTIER – CapJack Rangers

There is just so much upsetting to this pick! The guy is an Islander and he is going to the Rangers again as a Flyer… I wanna give this an F. But ughhh the guy scores 524 goals with 40 goals or more 5 times. He tallies 901 assists and was a + 70 THREE times in his career. He was tough good on face offs and like Mess and Gretzky a cornerstone. Great pick (ugh I threw up in my mouth)

Grade: A+

16. DOUG WILSON – St. Clair Shores Saints

A steal at 16! Scored 237 goals in his career with a whopping 39 in just a couple years. He added 590 assists and like Howe was a wizard with the puck. Put that guy on your PP for years to come and get someone in front of that net! Money pick at 16

Grade: A-