Chicago – October 19th, 1980

Dennis_Savard 1980 TradeChicago Underground General Manager & Franchise owner Stray Corrado had mentioned many times before the 1980 Mid-West Old Tyme Hockey League Draft that Dennis Savard was in the mix for the #2 selection when the Underground were on the clock.   Savard’s name was right next to Peter Stastny’s as the clock ticked down.  Chicago Owner Stray Corrado needed to make a selection & went against his heart & took Stastny over Savard.  Dennis Savard was disappointed in Chicago’s decision & when he went at #5 to the Philadelphia Firebirds he asked to be traded.   It was not long after the Draft started that Don Brenner made Savard available on the trading block.  Rumors were flying all around as Philly’s General Manager waited patiently for what he thought was the right offer.   After playing 4 games with the Firebirds Savard had 3 Assists & still had not scored.  The morning of October 19th, 1980 Savard woke in his home to the  phone ringing.  On the phone was Chicago General Manager Stray Corrado who said “Denny – welcome home to Chicago Undergound”.  Savard knew at this point he was a made man.   Chicago had worked the lines of communication for 2+ weeks with Philadelphia’s General Manager Don Brenner & early this morning the deal was struck.    Two big names along with a first round pick in 1981 Mid-West Old Tyme Hockey League Draft were headed to Philadelphia.  Mike Ramsey & John Tonelli were the two headed to Philly.  Tonelli said “This rivalry just got more heated or hated depending on how you look at it.  I’m going to miss my boys back in the Windy City, but I look forward to playing for the big bad Firebirds of Philadelphia”.   Savard in the mean time was packing his belongings & grabbed a change of clothes as he packed his bags to join his new teammates in Mackinac Island where Savard will be making his Underground debut.

Full Details of the trade are as follows:

#4 Chicago Receives $CV   Philadelphia Receives $CV
12/4/2018 Savard, Dennis $1   Ramsey, Mike $2
10/19/1980 Pichette, Dave $1   Tonelli, John $2
  Philadelphia’s #5 – 1981 Draft     Chicago’s #1 – 1981 Draft