Gretzky, Waybe POR 4 10 3 13 0 6 21 48%
Lemelin, Reggie POR 2 3 1.51. 64 .955
Bossy, Mike CHI 4 3 5 8 2 3 6 50%
Hanlon, Glen DAL 2 1 0.89 29 .967

Chicago Underground
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Chicago with 2 home games at the Capont Center take on two teams from the Adams Division. Chicago limping along waiting for the off-season. They stink.
GAME #1: MICHIGAN STAGS VS. CHICAGO UNDERGROUND Chicago bangs in 3 early goals & takes a 3-1 lead into the locker room after 1 period of play. The teams exchanged goals in the 2nd period. Michigan gets 1 more than Chicago in the 3rd but ultimately falls short to the Underground by 1-goal. The Stags totally outshot the Chicago squad more than doubling them up 39-15, but Chicago comes out on top.

Final Score: Chicago 5 – Michigan 4

Labatts 3-Star Selection:
Star 1: CHI – Mike Bossy 1G, 3Pts
Star 2: CHI – Denis Savard 1G, 2Pts
Star 3: CHI – Hannu Virta – 1G, 2Pts

Game Winner: – Hannu Virta

MIC – Mark Messier 15 MInutes in Penatlies
CHI – Bob Froese 35 Saves

GAME #2: OHIO LEGENDS VS. CHICAGO UNDERGROUND A good rival the Ohio Legends come to town & invades the Capone Center. Could it be a rough one or a high-scoring affair? Chicago holds a 3-2 lead after 1 Period of play. Chicago scores the lone goal in the 2nd. Two goals in the 3rd by the Legends knot this one up at 4 goals apiece & that’s where it ends.

Final Score: Chicago 4 – Ohio 4

Labatts 3-Star Selection:
Star 1: OHI – Tim Kerr 2G
Star 2: CHI – Anders Hakansson 1G
Star 3: CHI – Rick Vaive 1G

Game Winner: – None

OHI – None
CHI – Bob Froese 34 Saves

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Chicago ends up grabbing 3 Points at home. They still look up in the standings, way up. They stink.
Syracuse Bulldogs
WEEKLY PREVIEW: SCS and Macinac skate into Syracuse
Stars #1 SYR Mullen 1G 3pts
#2 SCS McCarthy 2G
#3 SYR Bellows 1G 2pts
Stars #1 MIM Lysiak 2G
#2 MIM Quinn 1G
#3 MIM Beaupre 33 saves
WEEKLY SUMMARY: Syracuse splits 1-1
New Castle Ducks
WEEKLY PREVIEW: The Ducks come into this week leading in the Norris Division with Dallas very much in striking distance of that lead. Two home games this week – first against the Mackinac Island Moose – the Adams Division leader and the club with the best record in the MWOTHL. New Castle has an outside shot at beating them out for the best record but will need a win this week to keep those faint hopes alive. After the Moose visit the Duck Pond, the very tough St. Clair Shores Saints come to town. The Saints have beaten the Ducks 3 of 4 this season as St. Clair Shores, third in the Norris, still have a shot at making the playoffs.
After this week’s games, there will only be 8 games left in the regular season.
GAME #1: MACKINAC ISLAND MOOSE VS. NEW CASTLE DUCKS Ducks goalie Dan Bouchard gives up a goal on the first shot of the game but after that, it is all Ducks as New Castle cruises to a 6-3 win. The Moose played Don Beaupre in goal and he had a rough game. When the playoffs begin you can expect the Moose to use Rollie Melanson in net and the Ducks to use Billy Smith (the #1 and #3 goalies in the league in GAA).
Tiger Williams was the unquestioned #1 star of this game, as the rough tough but skilled forward scored a Hat Trick, his first of the season. Williams now has 17 goals on the year. Lanny McDonald scored his 30th and 31st. Mark Osborne got #24. For the Moose, Beers notched #41 and Paul Maclean scored his 47th!The Moose outshot the Ducks 37-33 but Bouchard continued his fine play since coming over in January to the Ducks, as he made 34 saves to beat MIM.THREE STARS:
1- NCD Williams 3G HAT TRICK
2- NCD McDonald 2G
3- MIM- Tom Lysiak 1G 1 A 2 PTSBarry Pederson won 15 of 23 faceoffs and Bobby Clarke 14 of 18 as the Ducks continue their season-long dominance on faceoffs, taking 66.7% of the draws in this game.
GAME #2: SAINT CLAIR SHORES SAINTS VS. NEW CASTLE DUCKS A tense close checking, tight, game between these two division rivals. The Ducks drew first blood at 14:15 of the first period on a power-play goal by Tony Currie, on a fine pass by Pat Boutette. In the second period, Ron Francis tied it for the Saints at 5:55 – also a power-play goal, with Tiger Williams off for hooking. The game remained tied until 17:39 when the Ducks Dennis Potvin led the rush and fired at Saints goalie Tom Barrasso. Barrasso made the save but Bobby Clarke was there to put the rebound past him for his 20th goal of the season. 2-1 Ducks after two.
The third period starts with the Saints on a power play, with Mark Hardy in the box for hooking. St Clair Shores wastes no time as Bernie Federko gets #36 from Taylor and McCarthy to tie it at 2-2- at the 45-second mark of the third. The close checking continues and then at 8:00 the Ducks take the lead. Defenseman Bob Manno shoots from the point, Barraso saves, and this time it’s Ryan Walter putting in the rebound, for his 16th goal of the year. 3-2 Ducks with 12 minutes to go.
The close checking continues (NCD was held to 22 shots on goal for the entire game) as the teams battle it out. Then with 2:31 to go, the Ducks Kari Eloranta gets called for holding – and it’s a POWER PLAY for the Saints. As the power play ensues, the Saints pull Barrasso to gain a 6 on 4 advantage, as they press and pepper Billy Smith with shot after shot. The penalty expires with 39 seconds to go but with the empty net StClair Shores maintains a man advantage as Federko and Francis get shots on goal. But Billy Smith is up to the task as he makes a total of 29 saves as the Ducks hold on for an exciting 3-2 victory.THREE STARS:
1- NCD- Ryan Walter 1G
2- NCD- Tony Currie 1G
3- NCD- Bobby Clarke 1GSCS had a 31-22 edge in SOG. NCD won 53.1% of the faceoffs. SCS was 2-6 on power plays. NCD was 1-3.
WEEKLY SUMMARY: New Castle gets the maximum of four points and solidifies their hold on first place in the Norris Division
CapJack Rangers
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Dealing with nagging injuries to some key players causing them to sit out a lot of games, the Rangers are limping along trying to keep their lead. Right now the only thing that is really helping was the brutal poor start by Charlotte. They righted the ship and they have been sailing along sinking just about everything in their wake. The Rangers can definitely feel the heat. This week – Charlestown and Texas come to visit…
GAME #1: CHARLESTOWN CHIEFS VS. CAPJACK RANGERS This game takes all 60 minutes to decide with the winning goal coming with 18 seconds left.

Charlestown takes a 1-0 lead in the 1st on a Smith goal late in the period.

Then the Rangers take control. DeBlois scores early in the 2nd and Haworth get a late PP goal to give CapJack the 2-1 after 2.

Then Haworth scores again 3 minutes into the 3rd and it’s 3-1 CapJack as their total control takes over. Whoops – the Chiefs didn’t get that script and all of sudden they reawaken and Preston scores to make it 3-2 Rangers with lots of time left (12 more minutes to go). About 11 minutes later it’s still 3-2 Rangers when Tremblay gets the goal in front of the Rangers goal – he looks to pass off, but shoots it – and it goes in to tie the game with 49 seconds left! Then the Chiefs win the post-goal faceoff and get it deep into the Ranger’s end but they lose it and Pettersson carries it out, to Beck, to Trottier, to Robinson to Beck to DeBlois – he shots – BLAM it beats Edwards over his stick. The Rangers grabbed the lead 4-2 with 18 seconds left. Then the Chiefs again win the faceoff go with 6 attackers but can’t crack the ice and the Rangers pull it out.

3rd Star *** Beck with 2 assists
2nd Star ** Haworth with 2 goals
1st Star * DeBlois 2 goals 1 assist

Chiefs played hard and Edwards did stop a bunch – 36 shots total!

GAME #2: TEXAS BRAHMAS VS. CAPJACK RANGERS Rangers could sure use another win and they get the 1st goal – Trottier, but then shortly after Sutter scores for the Brahmas to tie. Then inside 2, Arniel gets a PP goal for a 2-1 Rangers lead. But again Texas responds and with 2 (TWO LOUSY) seconds left, Nilsson scores to tie it up.

3 minutes into the 2nd the Rangers regain the lead 3-2 when Ludzik scores. Then midway through the period, they get the PP but it’s Ferguson of Texas who grabs a misplayed pass and takes it down the ice for another game-tying goal. Then a couple of minutes later Haworth scores for CapJack and the Rangers keep the Brahmas away from the net the rest of the 2nd and it’s 4-3 CapJack after 2.

Rangers then come out for the 3rd and fire 25 shots on Bannerman – and how did he respond? We’ll get to that in a moment because his offense did some stout stuff. Sutter scores his 2nd of the game 31 seconds into the 3rd to tie the game. 5 minutes later, McCourt beats Resch, and then just past midway, Rota scores a PP goal and it’s suddenly and powerfully 6-4 Texas. But that’s all their offense could get. And the relentless Rangers attack pays off with 5 1/2 to go as Crowder scores to make it 6-5 Texas. Plenty of time to tie – but it WASN’T as the Brahmas hang on with some good D and they win the game 6-5! So the Rangers drop another home game!!

3rd Star *** Rota 1 goal, 1 assist
2nd Star ** McCourt 1 goal, 1 assist
1st Star * Sutter 2 goals

Bannerman makes 40 saves!

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Ugh, another week at home and a split are the best we can do. We need the season to end now to garner that top seed spot! Trottier again with a light week – the other teams are playing way better!
Mackinac Island Moose
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Jari Kurri is on the DL for a few weeks, and Dan Quinn returns from the DL. The top 2 lines get a little shake-up. Chicago and Dallas come into town on this chilly weekend in Michigan. It is a good time for a little beer and hockey.
GAME #1: CHICAGO UNDERGROUND VS. MACKINAC ISLAND MOOSE Chicago opens the scoring early, catching the Moose asleep. Roulston with his 10th goal of the year. Unfortunately, that wakes the sleeping Moose, and from there, it’s a Moose stampede. Propp, Cote, Terrion, Lysiak, and Giles all score in the first period, in a span of 7 minutes. 5-1 Moose at the break.

Things get under control in the 2nd, and the Moose are held to just one goal by Quinn. Chicago is unable to get anything going. 6-1 after 2.

A brief glimmer of hope for Chicago with a Vaive goal early, but then the Moose slam the door shut with 3 goals late from Ruskowski, Eaves, and Quinn. Moose 4 of 6 on the Powerplay.

1st star – Quinn 2G 4pts
2nd – Giles 1G 4pts
3rd – Lysiak 1G 2pts

GAME #2: DALLAS DRAKES VS. MACKINAC ISLAND MOOSE Dallas jumps out on top early with goals from MacLeish and Gould. Moose on their heels. But a quick and rare goal from Wilson pumps some life back into the Moose faithful. Now 2-1 Dallas just 6 minutes into the game. Moose get the equalizer 10 minutes later when Eaves, enjoying the promotion to the first line, finds an opening. Tied at 2 at intermission.

Dallas kills off a minor early, and then the tensions rise. Ramage and Campbell with a big fight that gets each 5 minutes. Then a goal by Maruk puts the Moose up 3-2. Another small fight between Langway and MacLean makes it 4 guys in the box. Then a minor by Bothwell puts the prison population at 5. Eventually, all the prisoners are released and we get some hockey. Dallas manages only 10 shots on goal in the first 2 periods, but the last one is a doozy and ties the game at 3. Duguay with a sneaky goal just 2 seconds before intermission makes it 3-3.

Dallas controls play in the early part of the 3rd but shot after shot is either blocked or turned away by Melanson. After 5 minutes, the Moose finally turn the tide and play evens out for a while as both teams get some SOG. At the 9 minute mark, the dam bursts, and the Moose rain down goals on Dallas. Quinn first, then Lysiak, O’Connell, Quinn again, and Terrion. When the dust settles, it’s 8-3 Moose.

1st star – Quinn 2G
2nd – Maruk 1G 2pts
3rd – Terrion 1G 2pts

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Curious to see how the team would play without Kurri. Good synergy on the lines as both the offense and defense click and produce playoff-worthy results.
Ohio Legends
WEEKLY PREVIEW: The Ohio Legends welcome New Castle and Syracuse to town as the MWOTHL season begins to wind down.

Tony Tanti’s second goal of the night (61st of the year) with 45 seconds left into an empty net closed the scoring in Ohio’s 6-4 win over New Castle.

The Ducks raced out to an early 2-0 lead on goals by Barry Pederson and Tiger Williams. Tim Kerr’s power-play goal later in the first period cut the deficit to 2-1 after twenty minutes.

Williams netted his second goal in the second minute of the middle frame to reset the Ducks lead to two — but goals by Bill Barber, Tanti, and Ron Sutter, gave the Legends a 4-3 edge heading to the third.

Jere Gillis scored 7:05 into the third to tie the game at four apiece. Gord Kluzak netted the game-winner on the power play at 12:41 prior to Tanti closing the scoring and closing the game at 6-4.

Ohio went two-for-four on the power play, while New Castle was shut out in four tries. The Legends held the upper hand in shots at 35-29. Mike Liut collected his 26th win with 25 saves, while Billy Smith absorbed the loss with 29 saves.


Bill Barber’s goal 28 seconds into the third period opened the floodgates to a four-goal period for Ohio in a 6-2 win over Syracuse. Barber and Mark Pavelich led the Legends with a goal and an assist each. Perry Turnbull and Pierre Larouche had the goals for the Bulldogs.

Mike Liut stopped 25 shots to pick up his 27th win. Greg Millen turned away 29 shots in the loss.

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Ohio holds serve for the win with a pair of wins at home. With two weeks remaining in the season, the Legends can see a potential playoff spot after missing a Stanley Cup postseason berth last year.
Saint Clair Shores Saints
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Dallas and Chicago travel to L’Anse Creuse arena.
GAME #1: 



In the first, the Drakes and Saints exchange goals. Federko and Brinkley score. SCS dominates the rest of the game. Former Saint Duguay scores for the Drakes, but the Saints score a total of 6 goals to win the game. Federko and McCarthy both net 2 goals for their 37th and 56th respective goals.

SCS 6 Dallas 2


GAME #2:




The Saints continue their momentum after beating Dallas. Lambert scores his 16th and Morrow nets his 4th. The Underground get a goal by Stastny. After one period, the Saints lead 2-1.

2nd period – Jarvis scores his 5th for the Saints.

3rd period – Bossy scores his 42 and 43rd goals for Chicago. But, the Saints get 2 straight by Stevens and Mark Taylor to win the game.

SCS 5 Chicago 3


WEEKLY SUMMARY: The Saints get 4 points by defeating Dallas and Chicago.
Texas Brahmas
WEEKLY PREVIEW: A couple of home games sees two Patrick foes come to town in Charlotte and Brooklyn.
GAME #1: CHARLESTOWN CHIEFS VS. TEXAS BRAHMAS Texas jumps out early on goals by Lowe and Andreychuk for a 2-0 lead after 1. Hedberg cuts it to 1 but Ruotsalainen restores the 2 goal lead before Hawerchuk cuts it back to one after 2. The 3rd is all Texas as Nilsson and Rota score for a 5-2 final. Nice game in net for Herron.

3 Stars (all TEX)
1. Rota 1G, 1A
2. Ruotsalainen 1G, 1A
3. Lowe 1G

GAME #2: BROOKLYN HARBOR RATS VS. TEXAS BRAHMAS Texas jumps all over Brooklyn early on goals by Taylor, Ruotsalainen, and Nilsson for a 3-0 lead after 1. Rota adds one in the 2nd for a 4-0 lead before Bourne answers and it is 4-1 after 2. Rota and Johnson exchange 3rd-period goals for another 5-2 final.

3 Stars (all TEX)
1. Rota 2G
2. Nilsson 1G, 2A
3. Taylor 1G, 1A

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Good week Texas. Solid goaltending and good offense lead to a couple of wins. Penalties are still a major problem.
Texas Brahmas
WEEKLY PREVIEW: A couple of home games sees two Patrick foes come to town in Charlotte and Brooklyn.
GAME #1: CHARLESTOWN CHIEFS VS. TEXAS BRAHMAS Texas jumps out early on goals by Lowe and Andreychuk for a 2-0 lead after 1. Hedberg cuts it to 1 but Ruotsalainen restores the 2 goal lead before Hawerchuk cuts it back to one after 2. The 3rd is all Texas as Nilsson and Rota score for a 5-2 final. Nice game in net for Herron.

3 Stars (all TEX)
1. Rota 1G, 1A
2. Ruotsalainen 1G, 1A
3. Lowe 1G

GAME #2: BROOKLYN HARBOR RATS VS. TEXAS BRAHMAS Texas jumps all over Brooklyn early on goals by Taylor, Ruotsalainen, and Nilsson for a 3-0 lead after 1. Rota adds one in the 2nd for a 4-0 lead before Bourne answers and it is 4-1 after 2. Rota and Johnson exchange 3rd-period goals for another 5-2 final.

3 Stars (all TEX)
1. Rota 2G
2. Nilsson 1G, 2A
3. Taylor 1G, 1A

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Good week Texas. Solid goaltending and good offense lead to a couple of wins. Penalties are still a major problem.
Andes Mountaineers
WEEKLY PREVIEW: As the regular season starts to wind down and the playoffs are out of reach Andes welcomes Pittsburgh and CapJack for the second week in a row.
GAME #1: PITTSBURGH SPIRIT VS. ANDES MOUNTAINEERS Andes had its way with the Spirit the previous week. This week was just the opposite, the visitors are able to keep things tight for the first 50 minutes of the game and the home squad is up 2 – 1. In the final 10 minutes of play, the Mountaineers go on a scoring blitz to win easily 6 – 2.

1st Star – Fox 2 G
2nd Star – McEwen 2 G
3rd Star – Sutter 3 A

GAME #2: CAPJACK RANGERS VS. ANDES MOUNTAINEERS The final home game of the week finds Patrick’s top team CapJack the opponents. Last week the Mountaineers surprisingly took down the Rangers 5 – 2. There must be some bad blood here as soon as the puck is dropped Fox and Trottier drop their gloves and play sockem rockem robot. Last week it was a really one-sided affair. This week is just the opposite. The teams play a nip and tuck game. Andes looks like it’s going to pull off the upset for the 2nd week in a row when with 34 seconds left DeBlois ties things up. The Rangers feed on this energy and in overtime are able to score and leave with a tough road win.

1st Star – Haworth
2nd Star – DeBlois
3rd Star – Broten

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Andes almost sweeps the home series this week but a last-second goal sends game 2 into OT where the home side ultimately ends up on the short end of the stick.
Charlestown Chiefs
WEEKLY PREVIEW: A pair of home games.
GAME #1: 



A barn-burner, with the teams trading goals in the 3rd. Unfortunately for the home fans, the Harbor Rats score the final one in the 8-7 home loss.

Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
2 :28 EV BRO Berglund (19), assisted by Sundstrom (23) and Lanz (37)
2 2:44 EV CHA Coffey (31), assisted by Farrish (19) and Nicholls (47)
2 8:01 PP CHA Shedden (20), assisted by Coffey (60)
2 8:29 EV CHA Nicholls (37), assisted by McKegney (26) and MacInnis (32)
2 10:01 PP BRO Wilson (5), assisted by Johnson (49) and Gartner (42)
2 10:41 PP BRO Lanz (12), assisted by Christian (43) and Bobby Smith (31)
2 12:58 SH BRO Johnson (37), unassisted
2 13:22 PP CHA Kisio (29), assisted by Preston (20)
2 18:12 EV BRO Sundstrom (20), assisted by Kevin McCarthy (20) and Johnson (50)
3 8:26 EV CHA Nicholls (38), assisted by Kisio (32) and MacInnis (33)
3 9:28 EV BRO Gartner (21), assisted by Housley (38) and Lanz (38)
3 10:02 EV CHA McKegney (31), assisted by Shedden (26)
3 12:13 EV BRO Kevin McCarthy (6), assisted by Sundstrom (24)
3 15:40 EV CHA Krushelnyski (30), assisted by Coffey (61)
3 19:24 EV BRO Gartner (22), assisted by Valentine (5) and Bourne (27)

Injuries: Fox(CHA)-game

Star 1: BRO Gartner 2 G, 3 Pts
Star 2: CHA Nicholls 2 G, 3 Pts
Star 3: BRO Johnson 1 G, 3 Pts

GWG: Mike Gartner

Notables: BRO Mark Johnson 16 faceoffs won
CHA Garrett 36 saves

GAME #2: 




The disappointing loss apparently lit a fire in the Chiefs, as they light up the Dynamo 6-1.

Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1 9:16 SH CHA Preston (13), unassisted
1 9:46 PP CHD Quenneville (10), assisted by Poulin (35) and Glenn Anderson (37)
1 14:33 EV CHA MacInnis (9), assisted by Nicholls (48) and O’Regan (8)
2 14:56 EV CHA Coffey (32), assisted by Nicholls (49) and McKegney (27)
2 17:08 EV CHA McKegney (32), assisted by Krushelnyski (15) and Nicholls (50)
3 18:05 EV CHA McKegney (33), assisted by Krushelnyski (16)
3 19:08 PP CHA O’Regan (4), assisted by Shedden (27) and Farrish (20)

Star 1: CHA McKegney 2 G, 3 Pts
Star 2: CHA O’Regan 1 G, 2 Pts
Star 3: CHA Coffey 1 G

GWG: Al MacInnis

Notables: CHD None
CHA Nicholls 3 assists

WEEKLY SUMMARY: 1-1 at home, which is a good week for us.
Charlotte Dynamo
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Charlotte had a lot to play for this week as it entertained two foes from the Smythe division in Portland and Andes: not only was the squad seeking to nail down its first-ever post-season appearance but entered the week with an outside shot at the division just seven points behind CapJack in a Patrick race to solidify what is likely a no. 2 playoff seed in the East.
GAME #1: 




There’s good, better and Bester – that is Allan Bester, whose stellar play in goalie this season has helped propel the Dynamo into the playoff picture. But Bester is never a match against Great – as in the Great One — and that bore out in this contest. Wayne Gretzky recorded a hat track to ensure he reached the 70-goal mark for the season and despite rallying after digging a large hole, the Dynamo fell to the Sasquatch squad seemingly destined for the top playoff spot in the East, 7-4.

Charlotte rallied from 3-0 and 4-1 deficits to close to 4-3 early in the third after a goal by Dynamo left-winger Laurie Boschman 2:31 in the last period (who reached the 30-goal mark). But Gretzky notched his third goal for the hat trick just over two minutes later. A goal midway through the third period by Charlie Simmer of Charlotte narrowed the gap to 5-4 but Mike Foligno sealed away the win with a goal with five minutes left in the third followed by an empty netter by a childhood Sabres favorite of yours truly (Gilles Hamel of all people). Along with Gretzky, the second greatest last name in Hockey played a role in this win, as Portland defenseman Mark Howe assisted on three goals and added a tally himself.

Portland outshot Charlotte 30-29, with Doug Soetartt outplaying Bester for the win.

Stars (all from Portland):
1. Gretzky
2. Howe (1 G 4 points)
3. Foligno 1 G, 3 Pts

GAME #2: 




And, in this game against Andes, Charlotte was stymied by another player with a legendary hockey name, Sutter as in Brian. As was the case with Gretzky, the Dynamo surrendered a hat trick as the Mountaineers star left-winger notched three goals, including the first two of the contest, in a 4-2 victory over the Dynamo.

Sutter ensured the hat trick with his final goal, the last one in the game, 8:50 into the third which gave Andes the two-goal cushion that held up. Michel Goulet accounted for the other Andes goal, a game-winner 3:54 into the second that put the Mountaineers ahead 3-0 before yet another Charlotte rally effort fell short.

Three stars:
1. Sutter hat trick
2. Goulet 1 G and 2 assists
3. (From Charlotte): Tom Fergus 1 G on the fourth line

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Charlotte suddenly struggles at the worst possible moment, during this late stretch, and hopefully will not be choking away a large cushion in the playoff race. With both these losses at home, combined with being blasted on the road by Charlestown (6-1), the Dynamo have likely abandoned its late-season shot at the division title and conceded it to CapJack. The late-season lineup juggling in order to manage end-of-season usage has not helped Charlotte, with several key role players sitting as of late.
Dallas Drakes
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Dallas gets two at home
GAME #1: OHIO LEGENDS VS. DALLAS DRAKES The legends come to town and what we get is the good old “pitchers duel” between Marco Baron and Pat Riggin. The game stays scoreless until less than a minute left in the first when Bobby Gould beats Riggin for the 1-0 lead. In the second period, more tight-checking keeps the score at 1-0 but Tony Tanti roofs number 60 for the legends, and the game stays tied at 1-1. In the third Riggin and Baron steal the show until Randy Gregg sends one through a screen that leaks by Pat Riggin for the 2-1 game-winner.
GAME #2: MICHIGAN STAGS VS. DALLAS DRAKES The Stags visit but left their sticks in the dressing room as Peter Inhacak scores :29 seconds in on a great feed from Ron Flockhart. The game stayed 1-0 until 5 minutes into the second when Randy Gregg gives the Drakes a 2-0 lead. Four minutes later Patrick Sundstrom beats Low on a wraparound for the 3-0 lead. Jim Peplinski answers for the Stags midway through the second to cut the score to 3-1. The game stays at 3-1 until Ron Flockhart scores on the power play at the 8-minute mark of the third, Bobby Gould adds 1 more and the Drakes win 5-1
WEEKLY SUMMARY: Drakes get 4 points
Portland Sasquatch
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Portland hosts CapJack and Pittsburgh
GAME #1: CAPJACK RANGERS VS. PORTLAND SASQUATCH Portland opens the scoring in the 1st on a power-play goal from Cirella (2) and gets two goals in the second period from Gretzky (68) and Foligno (19) to win 3-0

Portland was outshot 29-12 but Lemelin was outstanding in the net saving 29 shots and earning Star #1.

GAME #2: PITTSBURGH SPIRIT VS. PORTLAND SASQUATCH Gretzky shows why he is the greatest of all time has scored 4 goals (69/70/71/72) and Cirella (3) adds his second goal in as many nights as the Sasquatch blows away Pittsburgh 5-0.

Soetart earns the shutout in the net by saving 23 shots and Stew Gavin contributes 3 assists in the win

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Portland earns two shutout wins in the week over division-leading CapJacks and last-place Pittsburgh. Portland outscores their two opponents 8-0 as Gretzky scores 5 goals and earns 1 assist in the week. Portland is now 17-2-2 in their last 21 games