Taylor, Dave TEX 4 5 5 10 2 0 12 42%
Hayward, Brian CHA 2 5 2.5 66 .930
Hunter, Dale HYA 4 4 3 7 6 -1 10 40
Hanlon, Glen DAL 2 4 2 51 .927

Pittsburgh Spirit
WEEKLY PREVIEW: One home game, and it’s always a big one. The second straight week of “The Brotherly Brawl” ™
GAME #1: CHARLESTOWN CHIEFS VS. PITTSBURGH SPIRIT We go into the 3rd period tied… and 30 seconds in, Larmer (28) breaks the tie to make it 5-4. Kasper (7) and Goulet (53) would add to that lead and Hrudey would shut the door the rest of the way for a Spirit win, 7-4!!
WEEKLY SUMMARY: One home game… beating my big brother never gets old. 😉
New Castle Ducks
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Two tough home games this week – against division-leading Charlestown and playoff-bound St. Clair Shores
GAME #1: CHARLESTOWN CHIEFS VS. NEW CASTLE DUCKS NCD 5 CHA 2 The Ducks get a big win on home ice as Denis Potvin scores two second-period goals, 26 seconds apart, to lead New Castle to the win over the rough tough Chiefs. There were two fights and 46 minutes in penalties in this one as Charlestown played their usual aggressive game but it did not work as NCD scored two third-period goals to make a close 3-2 game a 5-2 final score.

1- NCD- Potvin 2 G
2- NCD – John Tonelli 1G 2 A 3 PTS
3- NCD – Mark Johnson 1G 1 A 2 PTS

John Vanbiesbrouck made 31 saves for the Ducks, and Steve Penney 31 for CHA as NCD outshot CHA 36-33. Kent Nilsson won 19 of 29 faceoffs as New Castle continues to dominate on faceoffs this season

GAME #2: SAINT CLAIR SHORES SAINTS VS. NEW CASTLE DUCKS The road to the Cup goes through the Adams Division where the Ducks are 0-4 against the Moose and 1-2 against St.Clair Shores coming into this showdown game. And now it’s 1-3 as SCS continues to have the Ducks number, as the Saints come away with a 4-2 win.
SCS scored first on a Mel Bridgman goal in the first period. In the second period, the Ducks took the lead as Kent Nilsson (29) tied it and Pat Hickey (11) put the Ducks ahead. The third period was a different story, as the Ducks drew two penalties – and each resulted in a POWER PLAY GOAL for SCS. The Ducks have won of the worst PK outfits in the league, something that they need to fix if they are going to make the playoffs.
Tom McCarthy and Doug Wilson got the PP GOALS, with McCarthy tying the game at 8:27 and Wilson’s goal putting SCS ahead 3-2 at 10:52. With the Ducks pressing aggressively to tie it up, the Saints got a 3 on 2 rush and McCarthy lit the lamp for the second time in the game and 17th time this season – to make the final 4-2. SCS outshot NCD 15-9 in the third period.THREE STARS:
1- SCS- McCarthy 2G
2- SCS- Wilson 1 G
3- SCS- Bridgman 1 GSCS’s Chris Nilan received a MATCH penalty in the second period for deliberate intent to injure.
Tom Barrasso made 29 saves for SCS
WEEKLY SUMMARY: The Ducks split the two games and come away with only 2 of 4 points. The Ducks need all the points they can get as they try to prevail in the very tight three-team race for two playoff spots (NCD, CHI, and DAL)
Dallas Drakes
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Michigan comes to town
GAME #1: MICHIGAN STAGS VS. DALLAS DRAKES Danny Gare gets the Stags on the board at 3:42 and Grant Fuhr keeps the Drakes at bay until Risto Siltanen beats Fuhr on the Power Play at 19:16 of the first period. Mark Messier would go to the box again at the 19:30 mark and the Drakes scored right away on a goal from Reed Larson…….the Stags looked like they were going into the first intermission up 1-0, but instead down 2-1. Patrick Sundstrom would extend the lead for the Drakes, but Messier beats Hanlon to cut it to 3-2. The Drakes would take the game over and Ron Flockhart beats Fuhr on the stick side, and Lindsay Carson five hole for the Drakes to go up 5-2 after 2. John Anderson scores the only goal of the third and the Drakes take it 6-2.
Kamsack Cyclones
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Portland and Kamsack square off in the only home game of the cyclones this week

Star 1: POR Cyr 2 G
Star 2: KAM Sutter 1 G, 2 Pts
Star 3: KAM Courtnall 1 G, 2 Pts

GWG: Geoff Courtnall

Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1 1:46 EV KAM Sutter (7), assisted by Courtnall (11)
1 4:14 EV POR Cyr (11), assisted by Wells (8) and Iafrate (15)
1 5:47 EV POR Yaremchuk (5), assisted by Hamel (14) and Ellett (25)
1 18:30 EV POR Gavin (3), unassisted
1 19:19 PP KAM Gartner (44), assisted by Stastny (27) and Perreault (34)
2 16:38 PP KAM Christian (21), assisted by Malone (15)
3 1:41 EV POR Cyr (12), assisted by Olczyk (22) and Foligno (25)
3 11:46 SH KAM Howe (11), assisted by Campbell (5) and Liut (3)
4 4:00 EV KAM Courtnall (5), assisted by Sutter (5) and Otto (3)

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Courtnall wins it in OT for Kamsack over Portland
Chicago Underground
WEEKLY PREVIEW: One home game at the Capone Center for the Underground.
GAME #1: OHIO LEGENDS VS. CHICAGO UNDERGROUND These two teams are usually nice to each other. But the Legends came in with an attitude & Chicago sets them straight. Plenty of Penalties and a little scoring, but the good guys get the “W” in the end.
Pelle is going for a drink or twelve.Final Score: Chicago 4 – Ohio 3Labatts 3-Star Selection:
Star 1: CHI – Raymond Bourque 2G
Star 2: OHI – Steve Yzerman 1G, 2Pts
Star 3: CHI – Denis SavardGame Winner: – Raymond BourqueNotables:
OHI – Wayne Gretzky 15 Faceoff Wins
CHI – Pelle Lindbergh 32 Saves.
WEEKLY SUMMARY: With only one home game this week, 2 Points are nice. Can the road be as good or better?
Texas Brahmas
WEEKLY PREVIEW: A couple of home games see Ohio and Kamsack come down to Fort Worth
GAME #1: OHIO LEGENDS VS. TEXAS BRAHMAS Ohio starts really fast, with 1st-period goals by Smith and Carlyle and a third by Walter to start the 2nd for a 3-0 lead. Sutter gets the next 2 for Texas to cut it to 3-2 after 2. Gretzky starts the 3rd for Ohio, quickly followed by Kerr 27 seconds later for a 5-2 lead. Acton gets a garbage time goal for a 5-3 Ohio win.

3 Stars
1. Sutter (Tex) – 2G
2. Kerr (OHI) – 1G, 2A
3. Gretzky (OHI) – 1G, 1A

GAME #2: KAMSACK CYCLONES VS. TEXAS BRAHMAS Another fast start for the visitor as Malone and Christian scored in the first 3 minutes for a 2-0 KAM lead. Texas fights back on goals by Svoboda and Taylor before Christian caps the 1st at 19:11 for a 3-2 KAM lead. Stastny starts the 2nd to extend the lead to 4-2 before Konroyd pulls Texas back to within 1. Gartner (KAM) and Sutter (TEX) exchange goals to close out the 2nd and it is 5-4 KAM after 2. Taylor scores again for Texas to tie it up at 5:56. The teams continue the battle until the 18:19 mark when Sutter (KAM) nets the game-winner for KAM.

3 Stars
1. Taylor (TEX) – 2G, 3A
2. Christian (KAM) – 2G, 1A
3. Sutter (TEX) – 1G, 3A

WEEKLY SUMMARY: After a promising week, Texas reverts to zero defense
CapJack Rangers
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Every game is important – take advantage where you can. The Rangers can score, but they don’t stop pucks well. And Pittsburgh has come alive (why didn’t they do a fire sale). Anyway, Rangers get 2 home games this week – Michigan and Texas as we play the out-of-division teams.
GAME #1: MICHIGAN STAGS VS. CAPJACK RANGERS Seems like the Rangers were just in Michigan – ah yes, they were up north near the Moose territory (literally – it was great). This week we host the Stags. 11 minutes into the 3rd period and Babych scores for the Stags. This gives them the 3-2 lead! Carpenter scored in the 1st AND 2nd. Kromm scored 29 seconds into the 2nd and Arniel scored 1:24 into the 3rd which tied it until Babych scored.

So spinning into the final 9 minutes, we see Trottier taking a pass from Kromm as he crosses into the Stags end – he shoots, SCORE! Tied game. Then with 3:36 left the tie is snapped when Barr gains control near the goal – he fires towards the net – GOAL! So it gets into the final 90 seconds, the Stags pull Fuhr and we get a goal – but it’s an EN goal for Kromm and the Rangers take a 5-3 lead with 51 seconds to go. Michigan is not done yet – attempting anyway, but by scoring, it’s all over! The Rangers pull it out 5-3.

STAR awards:
#3 – CapJack’s Barr with a goal and an assist – and the GWG!
#2 – The Stags Carpenter with those 2 early goals
and #1 – Rangers’ Kromm with 2 goals and an assist

4 goals in the 3rd period sparked the comeback win.

GAME #2: TEXAS BRAHMAS VS. CAPJACK RANGERS 10 goals spark the game and it had 65 minutes of action! Wickenheiser (CAP) and Taylor (TEX) trade goals in the 1st. Action and Mark Hunter score for Texas, giving them 3 in a row and a 3-1 lead halfway through the game. Acton’s goal was really tough on the home team as it was a shorthanded goal! Blew that PP. But the Rangers turn around and turn a Texas PP into a SH goal for themselves as Wickenheiser scores the shorthander (and 2nd goal of the game for him) and it’s 3-2 Michigan after 2.

3rd period starts – and what a start. Trottier scores 1:13 in to tie the game! Then Wickenheiser scores 18 SECONDS later to give the Rangers the lead once again, 4-3. 18 1/2 minutes left! Only takes 2 minutes however for the next goal – this one for Savard and Texas as they tie it back up! Stays that way the rest of the period at least until we get an Andreychuck (TEX) penalty with 1:41 left in regulation. PP opportunity for CapJack – their EIGHTH! And so far – zippo. But this time Robinson scores (PP) and puts the Rangers back into the lead. 44 seconds to hang on! Of course, Texas won’t roll over – and they bring on the attack and of course, it works as Taylor scores to tie back up and that’s how regulation ends, 5-5.

And on to OT – and after 10 goals, the teams were a bit tired and it ends in a 5-5 tie! Oh well! 5 shots (2 for TX, 3 for CAP) – all stopped! Stats were close except for the PPs – Texas had 2 (zippo) but the Rangers had 8 – and except for that last one, the Brahmas bulled their way through them killing 7 of them.

#3 – TEX Acton a goal and assist
#2 – Taylor 2 goals
#1 – with a Hat Trick, CAPs Wickenheiser!

WEEKLY SUMMARY: 2 games, needed 2 wins, but got 1 win, 1 tie (almost perfect) – 3 points!
Mackinac Island Moose
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Portland and Dallas are back in town.
GAME #1: PORTLAND SASQUATCH VS. MACKINAC ISLAND MOOSE The first action is a couple of fights. Moose with a slight edge in the 1st period SOG, and they get a goal near the midpoint from Kurri. Squatch answer minutes later from Cyr. Tied 1-1 we go to the 2nd.

Gagne flips it to the Portland side on a goal from Gagne early. After that, it’s all Moose, who answers with 2 goals in the 2nd to flip the lead back. Quinn and Bothwell make it 3-2 Moose going to the last period.

In the 3rd, Portland hurts their comeback effort with 3 minors. On the other side, Propp adds one for the Moose. The game ends 4-2 as the Moose survive the pulled goalie barrage.

1st star – Kurri 1G 2pts
2nd – Bothwell 1G
3rd – Quinn 1G

GAME #2: DALLAS DRAKES VS. MACKINAC ISLAND MOOSE Dallas was on the board early with a goal by Sundstrom. Both teams kill 2 minors through the rest of the period, but no scores, and we are 1-0 going to the 2nd.

Maruk ties the game early in the 2nd. Lots of fights and minors throughout the period that end up with no damage. Then late in the 2nd, the Moose on a rare 5 on 3 power play, only to see Linseman steal the puck and get the rarely-seen shortie down 2 men. Off to the 3rd with the Drakes up 2-1.

Dallas with 2 minors in the 3rd, and it costs them. Zezel with a PP goal early after a Sundstrom penalty. Propp gives the Moose the lead at even strength a little later. The 2nd penalty opens the door for Kurri who puts the Moose up 4-2. Less than a minute later Sundstrom closes the gap to 1 goal. Only 16 seconds later Frycer blasts one in to push the lead to 2. Trailing 5-3, Drakes pull the goalie and get a goal from Mullen with 1:35 to go. Moose fail to find the empty net a couple of times down the stretch, but the Drake also fail to find the tying goal, and the Moose survive to hang on. 5-4 Moose.

WEEKLY SUMMARY: A couple of games that ended well, but were real battles the whole way. Mid-game adjustments seem to have worked both times. Different ways to get the job done.
Ohio Legends
WEEKLY PREVIEW: The Ohio Legends host Hyannisport this week for the lone home game.

Wayne Gretzky scored twice for Ohio, but it was Greg Bullard’s two goals and Greg Stefan’s 47 saves that won the contest for Hyannisport.

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Ohio takes a critical loss to its playoff hopes.
Saint Clair Shores Saints
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Pittsburgh and Chicago visit the Saints this week.
GAME #1: PITTSBURGH SPIRIT VS. SAINT CLAIR SHORES SAINTS Goulet scores his 53rd for the Spirt and the Saints get one from Bridgman. Its 1-1 after 1. Pittsburgh dominates the 2nd with 3 goals. McCarthy and Federko score for the Saints, but they fall one goal short.

Pittsburgh 4 SCS 3


GAME #2: CHICAGO UNDERGROUND VS. SAINT CLAIR SHORES SAINTS Craven and Macoun score for the Saints as Barrasso has a shutout.

SCS 2 Chicago 0


WEEKLY SUMMARY: The Saints split against Pittsburgh and Chicago.
Michigan Stags
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Just a single home encounter this week but it’s a big one for the New Castle Ducks as they battle in the tight Norris Division standings
GAME #1: NEW CASTLE DUCKS VS. MICHIGAN STAGS The Stags jump in front 1-0 on a Ron Duguay PPG coming late in the first period. The Ducks’ Rick Middleton evens things up with the only goal of period two. Michigan recaptures the lead with 3:26 to go when Ruotsalainen sends a missile past Billy Smith on a drop pass from Duguay. Duguay then seals a 3-1 win for the Stags with an ENG. This was a very evenly played contest that sees Michigan break a 4-game home ice-losing skid. Too bad the team couldn’t have played more games like they did this one.
WEEKLY SUMMARY: Stags play spoiler.
Charlestown Chiefs
GAME #1: 



Good guys 3-1.
GAME #2: 



Good guys 6-4.
WEEKLY SUMMARY: 4 out of 4. Blasting from the speakers in the post-game celebration was Ozzy’s “Flying High Again”.
Charlotte Dynamo
WEEKLY PREVIEW: With three home games this week, the Dynamo entered March with a good opportunity to bolster its playoff positioning but with Kamsack breathing down its neck it still needed to continue competing for a cherished postseason spot for the second year in a row. Along with a game at Charleston, Charlotte had contests in its Bojangles Arena versus Michigan, Chicago, and Andes. The Dynamo were a point behind Pittsburgh for the #3 seed in the East, but just four points ahead of the Cyclones for the final playoff spot as of this writing. To put it bluntly, wins by Charlotte in its own building are a must down this home stretch.
GAME #1: 



This matchup showcased a goalie showdown between a pair of Edmonton Oiler greats, Grant Fuhr starting for Michigan and Andy Moog in nets for Charlotte.
Only one of these goalies showed up at the outset: Moog let in three even-strength goals in the first 6:40 minutes, one from star forward Pierre Turgeon, another from center Doug Shedden and a third from defenseman Reijo Ruotsalainen. At the 8:43 mark, the Dynamo closed to 3-1 when fourth-line center Paul Gillis scored off an assist from Dave Tippett. But Mark Messier responded about four minutes later with a goal for the Stags and the visitors held a 4-1 lead after one period.Dale Hawerchuk helped make it a game with a power play goal with four minutes remaining in the second that narrowed the home team’s deficit to 4-2.The Dynamo’s hopes for a comeback though were dashed when Ron Duguay scored just 1:29 in the third for a 5-2 Stags lead. Fuhr saved all 12 shots by the Dynamo in the third period, and Michigan, which has played extremely well as of late, albeit at this last juncture of the season, upset the favored Dynamo and won by that 5-2 score. Messier, Ruotsalainen, and Shedden were the three stars.
GAME #2: 



With the loss against Michigan and the fact that Kamsack is winning every game in sight to threaten to overtake Charlotte for the fourth and final playoff seed, the next two games in this home stand for the Dynamo carried additional weight. An Underground squad with its own playoff aspirations visited the Dynamo on March 2 and after two periods led 2-1 as forward John Chabot (second star) and defenseman Rick Paterson scored second-period goals to overcome an early 1-0 deficit.

In the third, Dale Hawerchuk carried the Dynamo on his back; he entered the week with 40 goals and scored two more within the first 6:27 of the third period to put the home team back on top 3-2. Chicago defenseman Paul Baxter (just two goals entering the week), blasted a shot past Charlotte goalie Warren Skorodenski midway through the third to knot things up at 3-3. Just 25 seconds later however, at the 10:19 mark of the final period, Rick Vaive got a second-line goal for the Dynamo, assisted by Charlie Simmer and Ulf Samuelsson. Skorodenski (24 saves), kept the Underground at bay the rest of the way, including during the final minute when Chicago was on the extra-man attack: Vaive’s goal held up as the game-winner and the home team won this critical game, 4-3. Hawerchuk, Chabot, and Vaive were the three-star selections.

GAME #3: 



The Mountaineers had upset on their mind when they visited the Dynamo on March 4. Moog was back in the net for the Dynamo and slept walk through his second miserable slow start: a goal from Al McAdam was followed up by two from Andes center Jim Fox and within 13:46, the Mountaineers had punched the home team in the mouth for a 3-0 lead that held up through the end of the first.

Charlotte staged a rally effort in the second period as it fired 21 shots. Two Glenn Anderson goals were sandwiched by a Dave Poulin goal for the Dynamo, Moog gathered himself to shut out the Mountaineers in the middle period and after two, we were tied at 3-3.

The rally was complete for Charlotte in the third when Dale Hawerchuk recorded a goal two minutes into the third, followed by a Lanny McDonald goal with 12 minutes left in regulation for a 5-3 Charlotte lead. Poulin, the first star added an empty netter with a minute left to seal a 6-3 Dynamo win. Anderson and the Mountaineers’ Fox (also with two goals apiece) were second and third stars respectively in an entertaining game. The Dynamo outshot the visitors 42-28.

WEEKLY SUMMARY: The Dynamo, living on the edge, avert disaster: after getting blown out of its building by a Michigan squad with an inferior record but is suddenly catching fire, Charlotte was forced to rally in the last two games of this three-game home stand to collect desperately needed wins. The end of this regular season can’t come fast enough as this Dynamo squad (erratic as of late) holds on by a thread to the final playoff spot in the East.
Portland Sasquatch
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Dallas & Pittsburgh visit town.

Dallas scorers: Linseman (21) in 1st, Larson (9) 2nd period, Dionne (41) in 3rd period
Portland scorers: Yaremchuk (5) in 1st period, Cyr (11) in 3rd period


Pittsburgh goals: Kasper (7), Skriko (15), Steen (17) in 2nd period, Larmer (28), O’Connell (11) 3rd
Portland goals: Carbonneau (21) and McKenna (8) in 3rd period

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Portland goes 0-2 as they continue to struggle